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Trading and optimization for sustainable energy projects.

60+ years of experience

MWH might be new, the team consists of experienced professionals. Who’ve been around in the sector for some time and bring in vast amounts of experience and market knowledge.


The newest technologies and progressive data driven models and algorithms are applied to accelerate the energy transition


We keep it simple when possible and dig deep into the technological and intellectual challenges when needed.

Socially committed

A fixed share of our profits will be donated to charity. Keep an eye on our linkedin for updates.


Energy Trading is what we do. We are experts in the short term power markets. With our trading activities, we make sure the power is routed towards the places where it is needed most. From locations with surpluses to places with local deficits. By doing this, we enable a higher penetration of renewable energy sources in the grid.

Volatile markets

At the moment, we are active in the short term power markets in North West Europe. These markets are known for their high volatility and the associated opportunities and risks. As a result of the nergy transition, the markets nowadays are greatly impacted by changes in the weather. Resulting in large price swings on a daily basis. The characteristics of this market require a sound understanding of it’s dynamics, in order to successfully participate in it.

Intellectual challenges

At MWH, we enjoy participating in a market which is full of intellectual challenges. We are working to fine tune our insights, models and processes in order to become a bit better every day.

Technology & Knowledge

MWH’s operation is based on a combination of many years of experience as traders in these markets and a thorough understanding of how to apply technology in order to improve results. We strife to reach an optimal mix of manual trading and automation based on artificial intelligence and trading algorithms.

In short, we trade the short term power markets based on exceptional market knowledge, while intelligently leveraging technological possibilities.

Asset optimization

With the understanding of short term power markets, MWH Energy is well equipped to optimize any asset participating in these markets. For example grid scale batteries, power plants, curtailable wind and solar farms, or demand response.

Available markets

Flexibility can be sold on several different markets, each with their own characteristics. For example: frequency containment reserve, secondary control reserve, the spot auction, the intraday continuous market or the imbalance market.

The optimal choice

In order to optimize the revenues from your flexible asset, it is essential to make the best possible decision regarding the market in which you will be selling your flexibility. Additionally, the value for which you are willing to sell the flexibility in any market, is dependent on the expectations of the flexibility value in all other markets. Because if you have sold your flexible capacity in one market, you might not be able to sell them again in another market which could turn out to bring in more revenues. For that reason, we believe a solid framework, evaluating the expected revenues in all available markets is an essential first step in optimizing flexible assets.

Excelling through market knowledge

Every market has its own characteristics. With thorough analysis and a well thought out approach, a further optimization of results can be achieves. For MWH, fully comprehending every aspect of these markets is at the core of what we do every day. That is the part where we excel.

Are you owning flexible power consumption or production and are you curious about how we would operate your asset? Please get in touch.

The Team


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Careers at MWH

Careers at MWH

At MWH, you are working in the heart of the energy transition, in the markets where the supply of sustainable energy needs to be matched with demand. With a strong team of intelligent, highly motivated and entrepreneurial people, we work on insights and strategies which enable us to make a difference.


Our achievements are always a team effort. We support each other to become a little bit better every day.

Downtown Utrecht

Next to challenging work, we put emphasis on offering an enjoyable place to work. To create a place where nothing is in the way of optimal performance. We are located in the center of Utrecht, at walking distance from the central station.

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